How Nuttri was born

Nuttri is created by first-time parents Hyunjoo and Jeremy. They live with their beautiful baby girl, Lena, in Toronto, Canada. As immigrants who just started a family, they’ve been going through lifestyle changes. From an urban couple who could eat out anytime, now they need to come up with a reasonable family dinner for a toddler in 20 minutes after a busy work day.

There are lots of ideas about feeding kids. What’s different about Nuttri is how it provides more diversity and makes it easy to organize meals that all family members can enjoy. The latest research evidence indicates that feeding a variety of natural ingredients not only reduces any chance of nutritional deficiencies but also support kids’ mental and physical development. Most importantly, kids are less likely to become picky eaters in the future. If eating habits matter for long-term health outcomes, feeding babies a variety of food can be a good way to build a healthy foundation. On top of that, low-sodium, low-sugar meals with seasonal ingredients are really good for parents too. (Check out the full reference list)

Of course, we can’t cook perfect meals everyday. Certain ingredients are hard to find. But it can be enjoyable learning about new ingredients we didn’t think of eating before, and experimenting with simple recipes, sensing the natural flavors and seasonality. Purple sweet potatoes? Yes! Mustard greens? Why not?

With her Korean mom and French dad, Lena is trying North American, Asian, European, and all other kinds of exotic food in this multicultural city. Guess what’s her favorite? One day it’s tofu and seaweed miso soup. The next, penne with sautéed mushrooms and crème fraîche. Nuttri hopes to keep growing, getting better and smarter. We have amazing collaborators and new features and content coming up. Most importantly, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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