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Over 80 natural food ingredients organized by weaning stages and by the 4 essential food groups along with feeding tips.


Nutritional information, buying tips such as foods in season, foods in high pesticides, and common allergens, as well as baby led weaning recipes.


Make lists of food to try, food that successfully tried. Create a watchlist to monitor potential food allergies and sensitivities.


Design baby meal plans with colorful icons that show feeding history as well as the food groups to reduce any chance of nutritional deficiencies.

Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs Met

Your baby’s nutritional needs differ from adults. Learn what pediatricians and dietitians recommend as first foods. Discover 80 whole food ingredients organized by weaning stages and 4 essential food groups (vegetables and fruit, grain products, protein rich food, milk and alternatives).

Keep Track of What Your Baby Eats

Just one click to keep the history of what food has been safely tried. Create a watchlist to manage your baby’s food allergies and sensitivities. The tracking progress cues are visible in the meal planner to introduce new foods at a time.

Design Colorful Meal Plans

Design baby meal plans with colorful food icons. Intuitively mix new foods with the ones that has been tried. Make sure covering 4 essential food groups to reduce any chance of nutritional deficiencies.

Get Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Find out what is in season, low in pesticides, and common allergens to simplify your grocery visits. Each ingredient comes with simple baby led weaning recipes. Don’t miss out feeding tips on baby’s development from AAP, FDA, CPS, NHS, and Dietitians of Canada.

Discover healthy food for your baby’s weaning. Track your baby’s food history. Create baby led weaning meal plans with foods containing key nutrients for your growing baby.


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Baby Food Sciences + Monthly Feeding Tips + Baby Nutrition

Feeding a variety of natural food is good for:

  • Obesity prevention: Eating a variety of foods, especially vegetables and fruit, helps babies develop a healthier and diverse diet for long-term health benefits.
  • Allergy prevention: Exposing babies to a variety of natural food ingredients can help to reduce chance of developing food allergies. Based the recommendations from American Academy of Pediatrics, peanut butter should be one of the first foods to try!
  • Development: Babies develop motor skills and senses, as well as social and language skills, through exploring the various textures and flavors of foods. Try baby led weaning if you haven’t considered yet.
  • Reducing risk: Homemade baby food from whole foods is less likely to contain preservatives, additives, additional sugar or salt.

Science says the first 1,000 days of life opens up a unique opportunity to build up strong foundation for health and brain development. Designed based on pediatric guidelines, Nuttri, a baby food app, can help you to track your baby's food and plan optimal baby meals.

Discover an abundance of whole food ingredients to plan your baby led weaning, or puree feeding. Create personalized baby meals and benefit from our baby food tracker and tips. Explore which ingredients to buy and baby food recipes based on your baby’s needs and stages of weaning. Identify common allergens, seasonal foods, and when to choose organic. Nuttri is helpful to bring on grocery store visits with its simple buying guide and baby food recipes. Nuttri keeps you informed and ensures parenting and feeding your baby will be fun, safe, and easy!