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Meal Planner for Smarter Babies

Scientists say the first 1,000 days of a person’s life are a unique opportunity to set strong foundations for lifelong health and development.  What babies eat in their early years has a lifelong influence on their development and long-term health outcomes. This includes brain development and tendencies for allergies or obesity.

Nuttri converts the latest evidence in pediatric nutrition into a user-friendly smart application to support babies’ health. Check out our references. We are also incorporating data-driven algorithms to easily track babies’ nutritional intake and design optimized meal plans. More features are coming. Stay tuned!


Over 80 natural food ingredients (vegetables and fruit, grain, dairy, meat and alternatives) that meet the nutritional needs of your growing baby.


Nutritional information and useful buying tips. Find out which foods are in season, lowest in pesticides, and are common allergens. Comes with a simple prep & serve guide.


Create lists of new foods to try, as well as what your baby has liked or refused. Create a watchlist to set your baby on the right track for the best nutrition and health.


Record food history, weaning progress, and upcoming meal ideas with our colorful meal planning calendar.

Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs Met

A baby’s nutritional needs differ from an adults. Get to know more about the key nutritional values of natural food to support your baby’s development. Nuttri also provides handy buying tools and easy-to-use prep & serve guides.

Keep Track of What Your Baby Eats

Make a Trylist for your next grocery store visit to select the most nutritious foods. Track what your baby liked and didn’t like. Create a Watchlist with foods that your baby showed any reaction to and easily manage food sensitivities and allergies.

Design Colorful Meal Plans

Use a calendar to design weaning charts and meal plans for your baby. Ingredients are color-coded to easily mix and match key food groups (vegetables and fruit, grain, dairy, meat and alternatives) for a balanced diet.

Discover diverse foods for your baby. Track your baby’s food history, and create personalized meal plans containing the key nutrients.

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